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    Site Code of Conduct

    Whether you are a Holidaymaker, a Property Owner or Agent we want this site to work for you.  For this reason we have set out some basic guidelines below that we ask you to follow for everyones benefit.

    We want you to have a fantastic holiday to remember at your chosen property. There is one basic rule and that is to respect the property as if it were your own. Sensible and considerate behaviour is expected both within the property itself and towards the neighbours.

    At the end of your stay please leave the place clean, tidy and with everything in place as you found it.

    If accidental damage does occur, things get broken etc, please remember that you will be liable and you should inform the owner/agent at once to explain what has happened. 

    Neither the owner nor the holidaymaker should make any modifications to the property, its furniture or equipment during the holidaymakers stay, with the exception of replacing existing equipment which may be out of order and would be replaced or repaired for the holidaymakers benefit - unless mutually agreed by both parties in advance.

    If you are advertising a property on this site you are asked to present only accurate truthful information. All images, descriptions and prices quoted should be kept accurate and up to date. Your availability calendar, if displayed, should be regularly updated.

    Your property should have no defects that would make it unfit for normal use. The accommodation must be clean and in good condition with everything in working order.

    The holidaymaker should be allowed peaceful occupation of the property during their stay and should not be troubled by disturbance of any kind.

    All property adverts have a complaints button which can be used to report any gross inaccuracies, fraudulent content or content which breaches our terms and conditions.  We take seriously any repeated complaints about properties - we will endeavour to contact the owner of reported adverts but ultimately we may enforce suspension/removal of the advert and advertiser account.

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