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    TheHolidayLet Advertisers FAQ
    TheHolidayLet Holiday Makers FAQ


    How do I look for a property?

    We have two search facilities.  Searching by Google maps enables you to zoom and view the exact location of a property and its surroundings. A guide to using our Google maps is available at the bottom of the Google map page. The standard search provides enhanced ability to refine your search options and presents results in a list format.

    How do I compile a shortlist?

    You can save all your favourite properties to come back to at any time by using the ‘save to favourites' links on search results or property details. You must be logged in as a member or advertiser to use this facility.

    Do you do long term lets?

    We advertise short-term holiday lets only.

    Property details

    Are prices quoted for the whole property or per person?

    Most owners/agents quote prices for the whole of the property, however, some will quote per person.  All prices should be clearly stated on the property details page.  If the property is a catered, prices are usually shown per person per night.

    How do I know information published in an advert is accurate and up to date?

    It is the responsibility of each individual property owner or agent to ensure that the information they publish is kept accurate and up to date.  We advise customers to make their own checks to confirm that a property is as described before booking.


    Do I need insurance?

    Yes, it is essential to obtain your own travel insurance. Choose a suitable policy that covers unforeseen cancellations.

    Am I insured by

    No.  We are an advertising service only.


    How do I book?

    Once you have found your ideal property, check the availability calendar to ensure your dates are free.  When you are ready to book, simply inform the owner/agent by using the e-mail form.  Fill in all the required details with your message and once the form has been sent, they will contact you to make arrangements.

    Who is my contract with?

    Your contract is directly with the owner/agent of the property.  Make sure you receive a rental agreement setting out terms and conditions and their cancellation policy.  Your contract is not with

    I have received no response to my enquiry, what should I do?

    Please allow time for owners/agents to respond to your booking request as sometimes they can be away from their email.  After a few days, if you still don't get a response try telephoning.  If this is unsuccessful, we suggest that you look for another property.

    Am I committed, once I request a booking?

    No, you are under no obligation until you pay the deposit.

    How do I extend or change my booking dates?

    Contact the owner/agent.

    How do I add someone extra to my booking?

    This may be possible - check the terms and conditions within your rental agreement carefully, before contacting the owner/agent directly.

    I have changed my email address since I booked, what should I do?

    You must inform the owner/agent of your new email address immediately or you may not receive vital correspondence. 

    I need to cancel my booking, will I lose my deposit?

    You may lose your deposit, and if you cancel after paying the balance, you may only get a percentage of the money back, if any.  Refunds should be clearly stated in the rental agreement.  Check the cancellation terms and inform the owner/agent as soon as you can.  It is essential to have travel insurance which covers you for unforeseen cancellation - please check your policy.


    How do I pay?

    Before making ANY payments, we strongly advise all holidaymakers to make satisfactory checks regarding an owner/agents identity. When making payments online always ensure you use a secure site.  NEVER send credit or debit card details by email or email forms. Please refer to the Site Security page. 

    Bank Transfer - If paying by bank transfer, the owner/agent should give you their bank details including bank account number, sort code and any other banking codes required.

    Credit/Debit Card - You may also be asked to pay by credit or debit card. If it is an online transaction you may be asked to use the owner/agents preferred payment provider, such as Paypal. If asked to pay by telephone the owner/agent may require you to provide your credit or debit card details which they will then enter into a payment terminal. They may also ask you to provide the address where the card is registered, if this is different from your home address.

    Cheques - When paying by cheque, please allow additional time for postage and clearing.

    If prices are quoted in a different currency, find the equivalent price using our currency converter and then check with the owner/agent before payment.

    Do I have to pay a deposit on my holiday rental?

    Most properties require a deposit on booking which is usually a percentage of the total cost.  The balance will be payable as per your rental agreement.  Ensure the owner or agent provides you with written confirmation and receipts of any payments made.  This should confirm your payment, the balance left to pay and the date the balance is required.  Keep a copy of this for your records. You should also be supplied with a rental agreement, setting out terms and conditions, and a cancellation policy. 

    Do I have to pay a security deposit?

    Some owners/agents will require a security deposit. This is refundable at the end of your holiday if the property is left in an acceptable condition.  Read your agreement carefully as any breakages or damage may be deducted from your deposit.  Refer to the Site Code of Conduct for further information.

    Travel Arrangements

    Do I make my own travel arrangements?

    Yes it is your responsibility to organise your own arrangements.  Helpful advice on distances and nearest transport links can usually be found within each property advert.

    How do I find the property?

    Most owners/agents will supply you with a map and directions.  Ensure you have these and their contact numbers with you before departing.

    How do I get the keys?

    Each individual property owner/agent has their own arrangements; once you have made your booking you will be told how, when and where you will receive your key.

    How do I check-out?

    Owners/agents should leave you detailed instructions of the check-out procedure, what time to vacate and where to leave the keys etc. If you do not find this information then contact them by phone straight away. To avoid any problems with the return of your security deposit, always try to leave the property in the same condition as you found it.


    Do I need to bring my own bedlinen and towels?

    Most properties have a supply of clean bed linen and towels but it is best to check this on your rental agreement before you go. Should you require extra items there may be a small charge.

    Do I need to supply my own food?

    Some properties may have basic food supplies and others will provide you with a welcome basket on arrival. In most properties you will have to supply your own food.

    How do I buy provisions?

    If your property is situated in a remote location, there will usually be information supplied giving directions to the nearest shops or supermarket - if in doubt ask the owner/agent. If there are essentials that you can't do without make sure that you take a supply with you eg special foods, nappies, medicines etc.

    What about gas and electric costs?

    In most cases these are included within the rental charge, but sometimes they are taken out of the security deposit after your holiday.  Make sure you check your rental agreement carefully.

    Will I have to pay local taxes?

    In certain countries you may have to pay Tourism tax.  It is usually a nominal amount but if you are concerned please check with the owner/agent.


    Minor complaints

    If you have any problems such as a piece of equipment breaking down etc, inform the owner/agent and sort it out immediately - do not wait until you get home.

    Serious complaints

    We recommend that you copy all correspondence and print the property details to take with you on your holiday as a precautionary measure. If something is seriously wrong and you wish to make a formal complaint, you should contact the owner/agent in writing.  Please allow a reasonable amount of time for them to respond.

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