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    Luminara di San Ranieri, Pisa, Italy

    16th June

    Luminara di San Ranieri

    This is the most spectacular festival in Pisa. The night before the Patron Saint’s Day, the buildings of the Lungarni, the streets that run along the river Arno, are decorated with thousands of candles placed in the so-called “biancheria” (literally “linen”), wooden candle holders painted white and shaped like the windows and doors of the buildings onto which they are hung. More candles float on the river. All street lights are turned off. At 11 pm there are fireworks, and after that the crowds spread out to join in the street parties scattered throughout the center.

    The Giugno Pisano is an event that occurs every year in the city, during this period are held several shows of various kinds in the squares and museums in Pisa. On June Pisano is important for the inhabitants of the city because occur passed three popular events for centuries: the Luminara di San Ranieri, the Gioco del Ponte, the Historical Regata of the Maritime Republics. On Lungarni of Pisa is renewed every year, dusk of June 16, the spell of the Luminara di San Ranieri. In fact, by ancient tradition, the Pisans usually celebrate with this special lighting wax patron of the festival June 17.

    We advise you to attend this event pisan because of indescribable beauty, the buildings of lungarni of the city of Pisa is adorned with 70,000 lights and close the evening of spectacular fireworks that leave the zone of the Citadel illuminating the medieval castle and the adjacent bridge.    

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