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    Individual properties Individual properties *
    Click pin for details
    Clustered properties Clustered properties
    Click pin to zoom in
    Viewed properties Viewed properties


    Individual properties Individual properties * - Click for details
    Clustered properties Clustered properties - Click to zoom
    Viewed properties Viewed properties

    How to use this Google map


    There are four ways to zoom in:

    • Click on a cluster
    • Double click anywhere else on the map
    • Use the zoom bar on the left to + and - and slide
    • Use the scroll wheel on your mouse. Scroll forward to zoom in and backwards to zoom out.


    There are three ways to scroll:

    • Click the map, hold down and drag the map to the required position
    • Use the directional arrows on the left-hand controls to pan around the map
    • Double click anywhere on the map to move and zoom to that area


    • Hovering over a cluster pin displays the number of properties in that cluster
    • Hovering over an individual pin displays the property type and price

    Property Details

    • A speech bubble with the property summary can be accessed by clicking an individual property pin
    • Full property details can be accessed by following the link in each speech bubble
    • To close a speech bubble click anywhere on the map, click another pin or click the cross at the top right of the speech bubble.
    • To view a summary list of all properties in the map area, click on 'View these properties on a list' link above the map.

    Refine search

    • Use the right hand panel to select your options and view them on the map.


    There are three ways of viewing the map:

    • Map - a road map of the area
    • Satellite - a photographic image of the landscape from above
    • Terrain - a relief map showing mountains and valleys

    Return to last result

    Click the box in the centre of the arrows on the control bar on the left

    Wikipedia and Pictures

    To view more information on a particular area:

    • Position the map and click the Google logo at the bottom left of the map - this opens up the map in a separate window
    • Click on the 'More' button on the top right, and select Wikipedia, Pictures or both
    • Close this window to get back to our site

    * Pin positions may be approximate. It is the responsibility of the holidaymaker to confirm the exact location of the property before booking.

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