Saint-Paul-Lizonne Holiday B&B, Dordogne, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

Old Stone Farmhouse in the Dordogne pool and views

Entrance to B and B Suite and relaxing area

Main House, lawn and steps from Courtyard

Private car park, entrance to B and B Suite

Entrance and courtyard to old farmhouse

Breakfast in the Salon

View of pool from Suite

Stairs to Main House Breakfast Salon


Pool in evening sunlight

Pool steps

Flower beds and Guests gate to car park

BBQ and Breakfast area

Dining Area

View from Garden

Private fishing lake

Seating area

TV and Single bed

Shower cabinet

Shower cabinet, again

Our feathered guests ready to fledge

First flight

First landing on the window sill

Our Squirrel family

Restored Frescoed ceiling in the Church

Commerative Placque

Restored stained glass