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    Big changes

    22nd Aug 2015

    We haven't posted much lately but that's because we've been working for the last few months on some major improvements to the site. We proudly unveiled them last Thursday.

    1.  We're mobile friendly! The site is now fully mobile friendly and we've been so tied up in other areas that it became critical since we're now seeing about 60-70% of visits from mobile and tablet. We're delighted with the results and using Liz's themes, our designer has produced high quality layouts and our developer has applied these brilliantly. We could have opted for a mobile app, however after careful consideration we chose to make the entire site mobile responsive and we're happy we went the extra step.

    2. New design - after a few years with only minor design changes it was time to bring the look of the site up to date. In order to facilitate our mobile changes we've taken the opportunity to do a full refresh. The left hand menu is now gone and any retained menu items are now in the site footer. And we have replaced the drop down search on the home page with a dynamic search which will never return empty results. Inner search pages and property details pages have been improved and re-reworked and we think the results speak for themselves.

    Our Next Step

    Our next change will be in December where we will move to a fully paid service. This means that new adverts coming onto the site from December will need to be paid for at the point they are published. The cost will be £40 for two years.

    Please note the new payment system does not affect existing adverts.

    And a final note from myself and Liz; we started the site with the idea that we wanted it to be a simple subscription service for properties directly from the owner and we still have that dream. We have no plans to move to a commission based model.

    So that's it for now - please let us know what you think of the latest changes and if you spot a bug or something not working then get in touch.

    Best wishes,

    Me (Craig) and Liz

    And with a big thank you to Nick Boldison our developer and Gary Hartley our designer.

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