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    Get on the Tube

    5th Jan 2009

    Hi all,

    Hope everyone had a refreshing holiday break - we're still in a recovery period, so please bear with us :0)

    We'd like to highlight the tools that are available to all advertisers - one of these is the ability to load a video through your "images" section in your admin area - and this has a number of benefits:

    A well shot video is a great enhancement to your ad - we're firm believers in the power of images - and moving images can be even better. Not only will it look great, but it'll be available to Youtube's huge audience, and that's no bad thing.

    To see how your advert could look with a video, please try these links:

    John has used the seasonal changes to produce two quite different videos, and with camera by Adam and sound production by John, the results are great:

    David uses some nice transitions on his video, and Santana is always welcome here:

    These ads make use of all 16 images available, so our advice to all advertisers is to take full advantage of every admin function available within their account to produce a fantastic advert.

    Best wishes,

    Liz and Craig

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