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    It looks a bit different

    8th Dec 2008

    Hi all,

    Over the last few weeks we’ve been developing and testing a number of enhancements to the site – we’re pleased to tell you we’ve finished testing them and they’re all in place now. Current advertisers might already have noticed a few additions to their admin (all nice things, we promise).

    It’s quite a list, so here goes:

    Account activation – now goes straight to the members admin area as soon as activation link is clicked.

    Advertiser sign up forms have been modified to make them clearer.

    Advertisers admin area > Edit a property advert – We’ve added additional information by way of expandable (read more) and collapsible (read less) sections. We’ve provided more info on requirements for images as well as how to set up adverts for properties in the same and different locations. There’s also a sample advert which provides some useful tips when creating an advert.

    Advertisers admin > order of upload - this has been changed slightly – from left to right it now reads: Summary, Images, Location, Description, Facilities. Second line remains the same. We felt this was an important change as we’re a bit particular when it comes to image size and quality – and we don’t want advertisers to spend a lot of time creating an advert only to realize that their images might not be approved (however Liz had a fab idea and we’ve modified our image uploader now - fingers crossed).

    Image uploader, first mod: this now rejects the upload of very small images and provides an error message to the user with details of the problem image(s). So, for example, if you load 16 images at the same time, and one image is rejected because it’s too small – the other 15 images will still be loaded. An error message will notify the advertiser of the problem image(s).

    Image uploader – second mod: if the image is almost big enough (10cm high or above) we now automatically resize (upsize) that image in order that it meets our size requirements. There shouldn’t be much loss in quality but we’ll be monitoring this closely over the next few weeks and tweaking as necessary.

    These mods to the image upload area will help all advertisers identify problem images before an advert is published – adverts should be approved more quickly and it leaves less likelihood of current advertisers loading smaller images by mistake, post approval.

    Advertisers > manage your account > statistics: We’ve modified this section to make it clearer and also added the number of times an advertiser’s website link has been clicked. This should be a very useful tool combined with page visits.

    Standard search: we’ve removed the dropdown search options here and made it uniform with the “search list” on the home page – this enables site visitors to perform a quicker property search (refine search is still available to the right).

    All feedback is welcome, so please get in touch.

    Best wishes,

    Craig and Liz

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