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    Guestbook Reviews for Property Ref 12437
    Villa in Gorjoes , Portugal

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    Perfect Holiday and Reassured by Owner

    We previously had a bad experience with a villa, we called the owner and wanted to know if there was a problem is there any one to help. The owners told us there was a management company that we could call in an emergency who was actually English. We wanted to know about local medical locations as my son has asthma problems sometimes and we were reassured that there was a 24/7 hospital just 10 or 15 minutes away. He also gave us map to show us how to get there.

    Overall a great experience from the initial chats with owners right the way through the holiday. I would recommend that all if you are are spending a lot on a holiday it is definitely worth phoning the owners first. (There advice also saved us 250 on car hire.)

    Malcolm P (Devon, England)
    July 2018
    Families with Young Children, Sun Seekers, Singles, Older/Mature, Tranquility, Shopping, Art/Culture, Food/Wine

    Great central location

    We wanted a villa that was pretty central as we wanted to visit lots of different places in the Algarve but did not want to spend all the time driving.

    After lounging around the pool for a day we decided that we would just explore Tavira and Vilamoura, as the villa had everything we wanted. It also was far hotter than we expected.
    We have booked to go out again to the villa April 2019 when it is little cooler.

    The maps and photos of how to get to the villa were also very helpful. The shopping centre and Designer outlet was also only about 15 minutes away as well.

    Maurice S (Stamford, Essec)
    June 2018
    Families with Young Children, Sun Seekers, Singles, Older/Mature, Shopping, Art/Culture, Food/Wine

    Most Relaxing holiday ever

    This is was the first time we had stayed in a private villa, having previously stayed in hotels on package tours. So we were very nervous about booking the villa, for reassurance we contacted the owner. They gave us lots of advice about where to go and the best way to get car hire. Couple of weeks before we arrived we were sent all the instructions maps and photos of how to get to the villa. From Airport to Villa 20 minutes !!! We were also provided maps of where the supermarkets were located. We also went to the new shopping outlet which is just like Bluewater shopping complex.
    The villa was super clean on arrival and I would highly recommend it, We have already booked for 2019.

    Sophie M (Dartford Kent, UK)
    May 2018
    Families with Young Children, Sun Seekers, Singles, Older/Mature, Tranquility, Shopping, Art/Culture, Food/Wine

    Beautiful villa with fantastic large pool

    We have stayed in other villa in the past but they have always had shared pools, but this was great 10 mts by 5 mts all to ourselves. My wife and I, plus grandparents and two young children thought it was great and it was hard trying to get the kids out of the pool.
    The villa was large enough to accommodate us all without any problems, a big change from previous villas that were quite claustrophobic, overall perfect.

    Paul W (Berkshire, UK)
    July 2017
    Families with Young Children, Sun Seekers, Singles, Older/Mature, Tranquility, Shopping, Art/Culture, Food/Wine

    Peaceful and Tranquil

    We were not expecting the weather to be that great but we had 35 degrees came back with a really good suntan
    The villa is SOOO quiet as it well away from the hustle and bustle of the towns, but is near all the beaches and short distance to Vilamoura, have already booked for next year

    Bob J (Newcastle, UK)
    June 2017
    Families with Young Children, Sun Seekers, Singles, Older/Mature, Tranquility, Shopping, Art/Culture, Food/Wine, Sightseeing/History

    Great Villa in a perfect location.

    A lovely Villa, with a beautiful pool and there are nice views from the balconies, especially from the Sun Terrace Master Bedroom which was large enough to put several sun beds for sunbathing!!.
    This was a good location as it is pretty central to the whole of Algarve.
    We went out for a meal the first night, but then decided to eat at the villa the rest of the time as the sunsets were absolutely breathtaking in the evenings, glass of wine in the hand it was like being on Honeymoon again, back next year for sure.

    Susan M (Surrey, UK)
    June 2017
    Sun Seekers, Older/Mature, Tranquility, Shopping, Art/Culture, Food/Wine, Sightseeing/History

    So quiet and peaceful,

    We like to chill out when we go away, but it is so hard to find somewhere really calm and peaceful where you can just lay around the a pool and read a book., Well that exactly what this villa is like, very peaceful..

    The whole villa was perfect and is just like a home from home. It has all the facilities you want
    It was really the best relaxing holiday we have ever had, a couple days were super hot, so we just floated round the pool on sun beds and read a book..

    Tom G (essex, UK)
    May 2017
    Families with Young Children, Sun Seekers, Older/Mature, Shopping, Art/Culture, Food/Wine, Sightseeing/History

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